8011 4444 - "Gift from Heart" service

It is so happy to receive presents from our friends and beloveds. To give presents to others on their anniversaries is our happiness as well.

General Inquiries

1080 service - your expert in the information providing

With professional staff and a huge source of information of various kinds we are happy to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

1080 - Any information you need!

1088 Consulting

1088 - A bridge that connects you to consultants

Life is being more and more complicated and challenging that makes us sometimes feel so tired and embarrasing. We need advices from experts to overcome those difficult moments.

AudioText Service

AudioText service

                                                              How to use?

1089 – Taxi calling is a service special useful for customers who need to call a taxi. All you have done is to call 1089 and follow the instructions for your favorite taxi companies.

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